Twin Cities Maimonides


An affinity group for Jewish physicians, dentists, veterinarians and medical students. Join medical colleagues in a shared commitment to medicine, community and Jewish philanthropy.

Who was Maimonides?


Perhaps the most famous Jewish physician of all time, Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon, also known as either Maimonides or Rambam, was born in Spain in 1135 and died in Egypt in 1204. Maimonides came from a long line of Jewish scholars and by the age of 33 was a renowned Jewish scholar in his own right. Maimonides' medical works included commentaries on the work of Hippocrates and Galen, and treatises on asthma, impotence, poisons and hemorrhoids. He also wrote an early version of the Physicians' Desk Reference. As a scholar, Maimonides was the leading Talmudist of his time.


How to Join the Maimonides Society


Any Jewish health care provider who contributes to the annual campaigns of either the Minneapolis or St. Paul Federations is considered a member of the Society. Those members who contribute a minimum of $1,200 or $3,600 to the annuall campaign of either Federation will be recognized in the Maimonides Honor Roll or Leadership Circle respectively. For health care professionals in the first three years of practice, a minimum annual gift of $500 qualifies for Roll recognition; please let us know if this applies to you.

Benefits of Membership


  • A framework to join and build community among Twin Cities Jewish health care providers.
  • Opportunities to make a difference with your dollars and time.
  • Pride in supporting the local and global Jewish community.
  • Networking and connecting with other Jewish health care professionals.
  • Recognition in the community.


Periodically, the Society thanks members who make a gift at the Honor Roll level of $1,200 or more by listing their names, alphabetically by specialty, in an advertisement printed in the American Jewish World (circulation 4,500), and the Mpls/St. Paul Magazine's Top Doctors (circulation 74,691). Click here for the list of Twin Cities Maimonides Society's Leadership Circle and Honor Roll. Names are also included in carious Maimonides Society communications throughout the year, recognizing members' generosity. (Members have the option to withhold their names from these communications.) If you are not currently listed in the Honor Roll but would like to be included in future publications, please contact Laura Taple at 952-417-2312 or

Program Opportunities


  • Speakers and events
  • Jewish medical mentoring program
  • Interchange with Israeli medical professionals
  • Outreach to Jewish medical students
  • Overseas Missions
  • Public service projects
  • Social gatherings
  • Newsletter

Twin Cities Maimonides Steering Committee 2013-2014


Dr. Arnold Brier, St. Paul
Dr. Frederic Nemer, Minneapolis



Dr. Susan Benfield
Dr. Shane Boroditsky  
Dr. Jamie Gaviser
Dr. Howard Gilbert
Dr. Malka Goodman
Dr. Joel Greenwald
Dr. Marshall Hertz
Dr. Harold Kaiser
Dr. Harold Katz
Dr. Phil Kibort
Dr. Stephen Kieffer
Dr. Jerry Kobrin
Dr. Jimmy Levine
Dr. Arnold London
Dr. Robert Ostrow
Dr. Scott Prawer
Dr. Paul Schanfield
Dr. Lance Silverman
Dr. Richard Smookler
Dr. Loren Taple
Dr. Robert Warshawsky
Dr. David Weinberg
Dr. Yanislav Wolfson

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