Panel Status

A panel of lay and professional leaders is working collaboratively to address Strengthening Jewish Education. The panel includes a broad base of community members including senior rabbis from Beth Jacob Congregation, Mount Zion Temple and Temple of Aaron, lay leaders representing our communal education institutions, and individuals who bring diverse experiences and viewpoints to the task.


The panel decided to focus its work on developing an 8th - 12th grade educational program.

Next, the panel will conduct extensive research, reviewing models in other communities, listening to views of people with deep experience in our community, and looking at academic studies.


Ideas for a program will be brought to all appropriate stakeholders in our community including educators, synagogue education committees, boards, and parents and teens. As we move forward we will work together with all of those who will be a part of the program with a start date no sooner than 2017.

Panel Members

Mary Ann Barrows Wark, chair

Rabbi Morris Allen

Ben Axelrod

Paul Bagdade

Stuart Bear

Isaac Roth Blumfield


Rabbi Jeremy Fine


Stephanie Fink 


Bob Mast

Louis Newman

Randi Roth


Bonnie Resnick

Earl Schwartz

Rosalyn Segal

Rabbi Adam Spilker

Peter Wilton