The purpose of enhancing cooperation is threefold:


  • Enhance the “community” aspect of Jewish life in the Twin Cities
  • Enhance the quality of community programming
  • Achieve greater economic efficiency


Panel Status

The panel researching this priority consists of an equal number of St. Paul and Minneapolis Jewish community members appointed by the Federation presidents. It is an outgrowth of efforts in both communities to enhance cooperation.  


Phase 1


The panel examined the history and current state of cooperation between the two communities, both what has been and is currently working successfully, as well as areas which are or have been problematic.


Then the panel conducted 22 targeted interviews of community professionals and rabbis in St. Paul and Minneapolis. 


The panel concluded the first portion of work and issued a report on their findings. 


Phase 2


For the last two years, a six-person panel - comprised of three people from the Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul and three people from the Minneapolis Jewish Federation - has been working together with the aim of ensuring that collaboration in the Jewish community continues and expands.


The panel was formed in the fall of 2014 and was the product of initiatives originating in each community. The scope of the panel was to improve collaboration and cooperation not only between the Federations, but between the Jewish communities.


The panel comprehensively gathered data and opinions from local agency professionals and comparable communities across the country.


The panel's report and recommendations were unanimously approved by the St. Paul Federation Board at their September meeting and the Minneapolis Federation Board at their October meeting.



Establish a Twin Cities metropolitan-wide council to work with our Federations and other community agencies with the aim of fostering and growing collaborative efforts across the metropolitan area.


Convene periodic mini-general assemblies (summits/conferences) for Minnesota Jewish professionals and lay leaders to enhance cross-agency communication and serve as an engine for generating new ideas.


Appoint collaboration liaisons to coordinate each organization's participation in collaborative communial projects.


Panel Members

Jon Parritz, co-chair

Kris MacDonald, co-chair

Mark Adelman


Holly Brod Farber

Jacy Grais


Todd Lifson