We unite people to create a caring community


As our community's central address for assessing and responding to needs, Federation works with our network of partner agencies to care for those most in need in St. Paul, Israel and around the world. With your support, we're there to help a distressed family regain their footing, to care for our elderly, to help communities devastated by a disaster. Federation holds out a safety net, and we’ll never let it fall.


With your support, we make the difference in people's lives

    Since the pandemic began, Sam (not his real name) doesn't feel safe grocery shopping so he signed up for kosher meals on wheels. Sam sends our partner, Jewish Family Service of St. Paul, photos of his empty meal trays. “Thanks for helping me get these delicious meals,” he exclaims. “I’m not nervous about grocery shopping anymore because I know I’ll get at least three good meals each week.”

    In December 2020, 219 olim arrived in Israel from Ethiopia. Israel is committed to bring 2,000 Ethiopian Jews home to Israel in 2021. The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) is implementing the groundwork needed to facilitate the aliyah of these new immigrants, including preparing them for their new lives. Through Federation support of JAFI, the St. Paul Jewish community helps Ethiopian Jews on the ground in Ethiopia and through their resettlement in Israel.

    David (not his real name) was able to attend camp last year with the help of a Federation Goldberger scholarship. His parents say it made a huge difference: "We could not have afforded Camp Ramah without this help, and our child would not have nearly the same connection to Judaism and the Jewish community." The Goldberger scholarship provides funds for services including specialty camp for families whose children are on the autism spectrum.