It’s Your Legacy


IT’S YOUR LEGACY is an endowment program that benefits the St. Paul community organizations, schools, and congregations. This program is funded by the St. Paul Jewish Federation and enables donors to fulfill their philanthropic goals while strengthening the St. Paul Jewish community, now and in the future. Legacies left by members of our community help sustain vital programs, services, and institutions that assist the vulnerable and advance Jewish life locally, in Israel, and around the world.

It’s Your Legacy is beginning its fifth year of programming in the Twin Cities. St. Paul Jewish Federation, initiated It’s Your Legacy as part of the national effort to infuse legacy into the culture of our Jewish communities.

A Lasting Jewish Impact Is Well Within Your Reach


IT’S YOUR LEGACY represents a shared commitment by community organizations, schools, and congregations to work together to secure a vibrant Jewish future. IT’S YOUR LEGACY is sponsored and presented by the St. Paul Jewish Federation.


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Why Leave a Legacy?

You can secure vital Jewish community programs today while ensuring a safety net is in place to protect and strengthen our Jewish community for generations. Your legacy ensures that you’ll be remembered—and your work and Jewish values will continue beyond your lifetime.


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How Can You Build for the Future?

Throughout Jewish history, the religious mandate to repair the world has been a hallmark of our culture. Our children are taught tzedakah (justice) through their parents and grandparents’ examples of volunteering, giving, and caring for those unable to care for themselves.


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IT’S YOUR LEGACY is a program sponsored and presented by the St. Paul Jewish Federation is a collaborative effort of our community organizations, schools, and synagogues.

IT’S YOUR LEGACY is partnering with the institutions listed below. In addition, we are happy to accept gifts on behalf of your most cherished organizations.

Neither the St. Paul Jewish Federation nor IT’S YOUR LEGACY partner agencies are engaged in rendering legal or tax advisory services. Individuals considering gifts to the St. Paul Jewish Federation, or its IT’S YOUR LEGACY partner agencies should obtain the services of a financial advisor, such as an attorney, certified public accountant and/or chartered life underwriter.

To learn more, contact Dan Mogelson at or 651-695-3185​.


The St. Paul Jewish Federation does not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult your own financial advisor for the options that may be best for you.