Israel revisited - by Noga Shavit

2 weeks ago I had to go to Israel on an unexpected journey as my mother faced a sudden medical emergency. She is feeling much better now and this is a good opportunity to thank you for the wonderful support I’ve been receiving during this difficult time. Although I spent my 10 days there mostly in the Tel Aviv hospital, Ichilov, I did come back with a few insights and impressions:

Noise– amazing, but after living only 8 months in the quiet suburb of Minnetonka, I couldn’t help by being overwhelmed by how noisy Israel is. It seems that everyone is talking (or shouting), mostly on the cell phone (at least one); there is lots of traffic, endless buzzing and generally a constant cacophony of noises and sounds. It’s like being inside a very busy (and nervous) beehive. I must admit, it took me a few hours to get used to it.

Driving – how the heck was I ever driving in Israel? Honest to G-d. I haven’t been honked at for ¾ of a year in MN, as much as I have in one day in Tel Aviv. One lady even bothered to curse me (using really bad language!) for not moving forward at a RED traffic light thus blocking her right turn which was free to go. Speaking of right turn, it took me a while to remember that in Israel a right turn when red is very much prohibited.

Vegetables and Israeli food in general – the best in the world, no doubt about that.

Being in Israel, even under such unpleasant circumstances – made me realize why I love it so much (yes, even the noise and the traffic).


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