Hebrew Word of the Week: Hitkaplut

Hitkaplut (הִתְקַפְּלוּתcould be translated to folding up or collapsing. It comes from the verb “Lehitkapel” (= to be folded). It is used to describe artifacts or materials being folded or in a more poetic way a subtext “being folded” into a message. The word is also used to describe an action of leaving a specific place: “Let’s nitkpael from here, the bus is leaving in 10 minutes.” Recently, thought, the word has become extremely popular in describing Israelis politicians who were perceived as “caving in”. For example, PM Netanyahu was recently blamed for his “hitkaplut” after backing off from his firm decision to institute a VAT tax on vegetables and fruits. Furthermore, he was accused of hitkaplut both by the right and the left in Israel: the first blaming him for giving in to President Obama, the latter for giving in to the settlers. … Lastly and to conclude with a sweet mote, Mekupelet, is the name of a delicious Israeli chocolate bar, one that indeed makes every diet collapse.


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