Hebrew word of the week - by Noga Shavit

As of today, I will present one Hebrew word once a week that is either brand new, in the news or of a particular interest. Only appropriate words will be introduced, so this is not the place for you to learn how to curse in Hebrew.

Our first word is “Ma’achaz” מאחז, which is currently related with Jewish Settlements in the west bank.

The word for Ma’achaz in English is “outpost”. In Hebrew it is derived from the root (shoresh) ACHAZ  (א.ח.ז) meaning to grasp or to grab .

In the past, the word M’achaz was mostly related with the IDF, referring to small territories taken over by the army in order to secure a specific area. In recent years, the word has become more identified with those Jewish settlements in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) that have been set up without authorization and are considered to be illegal.


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