The E. David Fischman Scholarship

Israeli students: Interested in completing a doctorate in political science, law or economics in the United States? Do you dream of going to Harvard, Yale, Columbia or another top university in the United States but can't afford the tuition?

E. David Fischman dreamed of providing scholarships to Israeli students who want to attend top U.S. universities and return to Israel to apply their education and experience in their homeland.

In his will, Fischman created an amazing scholarship, one that since his death in 1995 has provided more than 65 Israeli students the opportunity to make their dreams come true. Click here to read about recent E. David Fischman Scholarship recipients.

An E. David Fischman Scholarship provides full tuition and general fees (excluding medical) through completion of a doctorate degree in political science, law or economics at a top university in the U.S., such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton or Columbia, for Israelis who have served in the IDF. 

Candidates must apply online through the online application, however, applicants must provide a resume (curriculum vitae), copies of university academic records (undergraduate and graduate), 2-4 letters of reference, and army release notification (teudat shichrur) or comparable document. Applicants may also attach a separate personal statement and/or further description of army service, if desired. Files will not be complete and may not be considered until ALL information is received.

Click here to apply for the 2014-2015 E. David Fischman Scholarship.


In Isreal:
Eliora Leichman
JFNA - Israel
1 Ibn Gvriol St. P.O. Box 7171
Jerusalem 91071
Fax 972-2-6202048

In the United States:

Mr. Dan Mogelson
Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul
790 S. Cleveland Ave. #227
St. Paul, MN 55116
Tel. 651-695-3189
Fax 651-690-0228