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You talked. We listened.
We heard from more than 350 St. Paul Jewish community members about what they value in our community, and their concerns. Five community priorities, as well as a guiding principle and goal, were chosen based on that input. We will be convening Research and Recommendation Panels to explore how our community can make these prorities a reality to create a vibrant future for the St. Paul Jewish community.

Read the Executive Summary for details.

Guiding Principle and Goal 
To engage all St. Paul Jewish agencies, institutions and synagogues to build a vibrant, cohesive and inclusive Jewish community in Greater St.Paul. To be successful, lay and professional leaders will intentionally work together in ever increasing collaboration and with common purpose. 

The Five Priorities
• Build the foundation of community:  Warm, welcoming connections
• Engage the next generation:  Reach out  l’dor vador.
• Inspire giving: Create the commitment to sustain a vibrant and caring Jewish St. Paul
• Strengthen Jewish education: Find and implement effective models for today’s world
• Enhance cooperation between St. Paul and Minneapolis Jewish communities

Research & Recommendation Panels Approach
1. Define the current state of affairs regarding the issue.
2. Specify scope of work.
3. Learn from evidence.
a. Examine how other Jewish communities have approached this issue. (Do the research to learn. What did they try? How did it work out?)
b. Examine how non-Jewish communities have approached this issue. (Do the research to learn. What did they try? How did it work out?)
c. Listen to views of those with deep experience in our community. (What have we tried already? What’s worked, what hasn’t, why? New ideas?)
4. Examine through lens of overarching goal of interconnectedness. (Make sure we’re staying true to the principle in our work, in our approaches.)
5. Develop recommendations. (Recommend: (a) realistic aspirational goal for our community; and, (b) realistic path to achieve goal.)
6. Evaluate efforts.
7. Communicate back to community. (Make recommendations; write report on what was considered, what was chosen, why.)

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